Best Veterinarian Websites

by CJ McDaniel // February 17  

Pets are often part of the family. Many individuals care for their pets just as if they were caring for a child or loved-one. When it comes to the health of your pets, you want the best possible care. One way veterinarian clinics advertise their services are through websites. A well-designed website can provide you with information on the types of services offered as well as paint a picture of how caring the staff may be. Here are some veterinarian clinics with well-designed webpages.

Avets. Avets, located throughout the Pittsburgh region, is a 24 hour emergency veterinary and specialty hospital for cats and dogs with an easy to use website. The best feature of the Avets site is the option to take a video or photo tour of one of the facilities. A well-organized navigation bar allows pet owners to find all that they are looking for with just one click of a button.

Red Bank Veterinary Hospital.  Red Bank Veterinary Hospital runs a simple website. The main focus of this website is a navigation bar, which leads you to important information such as location, services, events and news. The homepage focuses on unique aspects of Red Bank Veterinary Hospital including clinical trials and an online pet pharmacy.

Parkway Vet Hospital. Parkway Vet Hospital offers a very simple website, which includes all the important information pet owners need to know without the clutter. The homepage includes important information such as address, telephone number and hours of operation. A navigation bar takes you to additional pages that introduce you to the staff, provides information about services offered and leads to resources for pet owners.

Horizon Animal Hospital. Located in Scottsdale, AZ, Horizon Animal Hospital has a excellent layout. The site makes good use of graphics as well as images to introduce pet owners to the services of Horizon Animal Hospital. The layout is clean cut and offers feature not typically seen on an animal hospitals website. These features include online registration and online management of your pet’s health.

 Windcrest Animal Hospital. Windcrest Animal Hospital, located in Wilmington, Delaware, offers a variety of unique features on an easy-to-navigate website. The simple navigation bar directs pet owners to news, events, directions, an online pharmacy and information about the facility.  Another bonus feature of this website is the ability of manage the health of your pet in a free online portal. A complete list of services (along with service descriptions) are also easily accessible.

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