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Best Band Websites

Best Band Websites:

Good musicians and bands will often reach out to their fans or fans-to-be by means of a website. A great band website will often include pictures, sound clips, biographies or video clips from a recent concert. A great website will allow you inside access to your favorite band. Here are some of the best websites in the music industry.


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Alan Jackson

Country singer, Alan Jackson, has a very effective country music website. This site includes all the important elements of a band or singers websites including news, tour information, about the artist, videos, music, photos, e-mail updates and more. Jackson’s website is updated with regular headlines as he tours, allowing visitors to experience the tour day-by-day.

Best Band Websites

North Country

The North Country website opens with their official video, giving fans and visitors a taste of what their music is all about.  On the homepage, North Country makes it is for fans to download music by directing them to Amazon and iTunes. An easy-to-read navigation bar directs visitors to important information about the band. These elements include multimedia, news, shows, pictures, merchandise, biographies and contact information.

Best Band Websites



U2’s website is easy-to-use yet brings about a sense of mystery. U2 includes all of the important elements of a band website including news, music, photos, videos, discography, tours and a shop. U2 also includes a community that users can sign-up and belong to, which allows users to post in forums. A live newsfeed scrolls on the homepage, updating users of the latest U2 news. Unique photos on the homepage lead to unique U2 videos. The site has a nice blend of black and white with just a little color that is easy on the eyes and user-friendly.

Best Band Websites

The Zac Brown Band

The Zac Brown Band site places a unique spin on traditional web elements found on a majority of bands’ websites. While a little fancier and detailed than most sites on this list, the Zac Brown Band has all important web elements – including updates, a store, videos, and tour information. This website also includes a cooking store and jukebox. Multiple small graphics on the homepage easily direct users to a variety of information on the band.

Best Band Websites


Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie takes simplicity to the next level with a website that reads more like a blog than a traditional webpage. Links on the side of the page navigate users to tour information, a shop, photos, videos, contact, fan information, and discography. A feature unique to this website is the role social media plays. A Twitter feed streams on the side of the webpage as well as links to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and e-mail. The black, white and grey design allows visitors to focus on the music rather than on a flashy design.

Best Band Websites

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