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Best Travel Websites

List of Travel Websites

Successful travel websites do one thing largely the same — show off big, vibrant photographs. And why wouldn’t they? Photographs are what lures visitors into the best travel websites, hoping that they’ll book their next trip to that destination. The following are the best travel websites — easy to navigate and keep visitors coming back for more.


There’s a lot going on at Frommers, but it doesn’t feel cluttered. Information is easy to gather. The varying shades of red exude a sense of adventure and taking action.

Best Travel Websites

Nothing sells a product more than a photo, and at the Travel And Leisure site uses flash to highlight five stories with five big, rich photos. It also has a modern feel to it.

Best Travel Websites


Travel Alaska uses scenic photographs that make the visitor want to travel there. It also uses drop-down menus that make the site easy to navigate.

Best Travel Websites


The Tennessee Tourism website has built sites for each season, which is creative and very relevant to those considering taking a vacation. The Fall’s seasonal site brings a sense of warmth and highlights the many things to do in the state.

Best Travel Websites


Yapta is a no-frills site that delivers its message in big, bold words. The use of blues is subtle, making you feel like you’re in the sky.

Best Travel Websites


The design of Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush reflects the site’s fun and playful personality with bright colors and casual language. It also effectively promotes social media.

Best Travel Websites


Go Hawaii gives off the state’s tropical feel throughout the website. The use of tabs makes the site easy to navigate. The leaf on the left-hand side is an understated touch.

Best Travel Websites


The Art of Backpacking is a blog, but it doesn’t feel like it. It teases each post with a photo and an introduction. Social media features are dominant and simple to execute.

Best Travel Websites


The Bahamas travel site is an interactive site that makes it fun to navigate, with each island clickable for further information. None of the surrounding features are too intruding to the main focus of the site.

Best Travel Websites

Best Travel Websites – Top 10 List

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