Which is Jackie Collins’s best book?

by CJ McDaniel // May 14  

Determining ‘Which is Jackie Collins’s best book?’ depends on one’s individual taste. As one of the most prominent romance novelists of her time, Collins authored an impressive 32 novels, all of which appeared on the New York Times bestsellers list. Widely known for her glamour, seduction, and power-driven characters, her stories would often transport us to a glamourous world filled with Hollywood high life and scandalous liaisons.

In this article, we will delve into the heart of the matter: ‘Which is Jackie Collins‘s best book?’ There is a myriad of reasons why someone might prefer one book over another. Some appreciate the gripping, life-simulating tales of Hollywood Wives, while others may lean towards the heated romance of The Stud. Join us, as we hop onto a rollercoaster ride that is Jackie Collins’s literary universe, ranking her novels and reigniting the unending debate about her best creation to date.

What are the critical reviews saying about Jackie Collins’s most recent book?

One critical review commends Collins for her captivating storytelling and ability to create complex and intriguing characters. The reviewer praises the book for its sharp dialogue and fast-paced plot, keeping readers on the edge of their seats until the final page.

Another review highlights Collins’s mastery of the romance and suspense genres, noting that her latest book delivers all the drama and intrigue readers have come to expect from a Collins novel. The reviewer particularly appreciates the strong female leads that are a trademark of Collins’s work.

However, not all reviews have been entirely positive. Some critics have pointed out that the plot may be predictable and the characters somewhat cliché. Despite these criticisms, many readers are still drawn to Collins’s signature blend of glitz, glamour, and scandal.

With a vast library of books to her name, fans often debate over which of her works is the best. Two of the most discussed novels in her repertoire are “Hollywood Wives” and her latest release, “The Santangelos.”

“Hollywood Wives,” published in 1983, quickly became a bestseller and is considered one of Collins’s most iconic works. Set in the world of Hollywood’s elite, the novel follows the lives of wealthy and powerful women as they navigate scandal, ambition, and betrayal. Fans praise Collins for her gripping plotlines, vivid characters, and unapologetically bold storytelling in this classic novel.

On the other hand, “The Santangelos,” released in 2015, brought readers back into the scandalous world of the Santangelo family. With its mix of glamour, intrigue, and romance, this novel continues Collins’s signature style while introducing new twists and turns. Some fans appreciate the modern touch and updated themes in “The Santangelos,” finding it a worthy addition to Collins’s legacy.

When comparing fan reviews of “Hollywood Wives” and “The Santangelos,” opinions vary. Many longtime readers of Collins praise “Hollywood Wives” for its timeless appeal and groundbreaking impact on the genre. They admire the bold characters and gripping narrative that have made the novel a classic in the realm of Hollywood fiction.

However, supporters of “The Santangelos” highlight the evolution of Collins’s storytelling, praising the novel for its contemporary themes and vibrant energy. They commend Collins for continuing to captivate readers with her signature blend of glamour and drama, proving her staying power in the literary world.

In the ongoing debate over which is Jackie Collins’s best book, both “Hollywood Wives” and “The Santangelos” hold a special place in the hearts of fans. While some lean towards the classic allure of “Hollywood Wives,” others embrace the modern flair of “The Santangelos.” Ultimately, the decision of which novel reigns supreme comes down to personal preference and individual taste as readers continue to celebrate Jackie Collins’s enduring legacy in the world of fiction.

In terms of sales and popularity, which of Jackie Collins’s books has had the most lasting impact?

With a plethora of bestsellers under her belt, it can be challenging to pinpoint which of her books has had the most lasting impact both in terms of sales and popularity. One of the most noteworthy works by Jackie Collins is the novel “Hollywood Wives.” Published in 1983, this book quickly became a sensation, captivating readers with its scandalous portrayal of the lives of Hollywood’s elite. With its gripping narrative and compelling characters, “Hollywood Wives” garnered widespread acclaim and solidified Collins’s reputation as a master storyteller.

Another standout work by Jackie Collins is “Lucky.” Released in 1985, this book follows the journey of its eponymous protagonist, Lucky Santangelo, as she navigates the glamorous yet treacherous world of Hollywood. With its blend of intrigue, romance, and betrayal, “Lucky” struck a chord with readers and cemented Collins’s status as a bestselling author.

In terms of sales, “Chances” emerges as one of Jackie Collins’s most successful books. Published in 1981, this novel introduced readers to the tantalizing world of the Santangelo family, setting the stage for a compelling saga that would span multiple sequels. Fueled by its gripping plot and dynamic characters, “Chances” continues to captivate audiences and remains a cornerstone of Collins’s literary legacy.

While each of Jackie Collins’s books has made a significant impact on readers and critics alike, it is challenging to definitively determine which work stands out as her best. The enduring popularity and lasting success of novels like “Hollywood Wives,” “Lucky,” and “Chances” underscore Collins’s unparalleled talent for crafting captivating stories that resonate with audiences across generations. Ultimately, the legacy of romance author Jackie Collins continues to thrive through her timeless tales of love, ambition, and intrigue.


In conclusion, while Jackie Collins has penned many popular and captivating novels throughout her illustrious career, determining her absolute best book is subjective and often a matter of personal preference. Each reader may resonate differently with various themes, characters, and storylines depicted in different novels. However, one thing is certain – whether delving into the scandalous world of Hollywood glitz and glamour in “Hollywood Wives” or exploring the complexities of familial relationships in “Chances,” Jackie Collins’s unique storytelling prowess continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Ultimately, the title of her best book is up to individual interpretation and preference.

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