What is the order of Johanna Lindsey books?

by CJ McDaniel // May 14  

Are you seeking a creamy blend of history, romance, and adventure, bound in a book? Have you recently discovered Johanna Lindsey’s work and feeling somewhat bewildered? I know, it can get a little confusing figuring out where exactly to start in a book maze. That’s why, we’ve got the answer to the most common beginner’s question: “What is the order of Johanna Lindsey books?”

Johanna Lindsey was an outstanding American writer, known for her mesmerizing historical romance sagas, all of which never fail to take you on an enthralling journey back in time. Whether it’s the bold Malorys in Georgian England or the valiant Vikings in Norway — Johanna Lindsey’s dynamic characters and gripping narratives have been enchanting readers around the globe for decades. But, to truly appreciate the depth of her stories and the growth of her characters, you must embark on the voyage in the right sequence. Hence, the need to answer this million-dollar question: “What is the order of Johanna Lindsey’s books?”

What is the chronological order of Johanna Lindsey’s book series?

Here is the chronological order of Johanna Lindsey’s book series:

  • “Captive of My Desires” (2006) – Set in the Georgian era, this novel follows the story of Gabrielle Brooks and Thomas, the handsome captain she encounters at sea.
  • “Heart of a Warrior” (2001) – This novel takes readers back to ancient Roman times and tells the tale of a fierce warrior named Dalden.
  • “Love Only Once” (1985) – The first book in the Malory-Anderson Family series, this Regency-era romance introduces readers to Regina Ashton and Nicholas Eden.
  • “Fires of Winter” (1980) – Delving into Viking history, this novel features a fierce Norseman named Wulfgar and the spirited Lady Alaina.
  • “Gentle Rogue” (1990) – Set in Regency England, this installment follows the fiery relationship between the pirate James Malory and the beautiful Georgina Anderson.
  • “A Loving Scoundrel” (2004) – Part of the Malory-Anderson Family series, this book focuses on the charming Jeremy Malory and his unexpected love interest, Danny.
  • “That Perfect Someone” (2010) – This Regency-era novel introduces readers to Richard Allen, a rakish gentleman, and Julia Miller, the woman who captures his heart.

    By following the chronological order of Johanna Lindsey’s book series, readers can journey through different historical periods and explore the intricate relationships that Lindsey expertly weaves in each of her novels. Whether you are a fan of historical romance or looking to discover a new author, Lindsey’s books offer a captivating escape into worlds filled with passion, adventure, and love.

What is the best reading order for Johanna Lindsey’s books?

For those new to Lindsey’s works, determining the best reading order can be a bit overwhelming. Whether you’re a fan looking to revisit her novels or a newcomer eager to delve into her engaging tales, having a structured reading order can enhance your reading experience.

  • Begin with the Malory-Anderson Family Series: Lindsey’s most popular and enduring series, the Malory-Anderson Family, follows the lives and romances of two intertwined families. Starting with “Love Only Once,” this series introduces readers to the passionate world of the Malory and Anderson clans. Following the family tree chronologically will allow you to appreciate the growth and connections among the characters.
  • Explore the Viking Haardrad Family Saga: For those interested in a mix of historical settings and strong heroines, Lindsey’s Viking Haardrad Family Saga is a must-read. Beginning with “Fires of Winter,” this series transports readers to a captivating world of Nordic warriors and fierce love stories.
  • Dive into the Shefford’s Knights series: If you enjoy medieval romance infused with intrigue and adventure, Lindsey’s Shefford’s Knights series is perfect for you. Starting with “Defy Not the Heart,” this series takes readers on a journey through medieval England filled with knights, damsels in distress, and heart-melting romances.
  • Immerse yourself in standalone novels: Apart from her series, romance author Johanna Lindsey has also penned several standalone novels that showcase her talent for crafting compelling love stories. From the exotic settings of “Tender Rebel” to the drama-filled pages of “A Gentle Feuding,” these standalone books offer a diverse reading experience for fans of historical romance.

    By following this suggested reading order, readers can fully immerse themselves in Johanna Lindsey’s captivating world of romance and adventure. Whether you prefer series that delve into family dynamics or standalone novels that promise sweeping romances, Lindsey’s books are sure to leave you spellbound with their timeless tales of love and passion.

What is the publication order of Johanna Lindsey’s novels?

Lindsey’s career spanned over 40 years, during which she authored numerous series and standalone novels. While her books can be enjoyed independently, reading them in chronological order can provide insights into character development and overarching storylines.

The publication order of Johanna Lindsey’s novels can be outlined as follows:

  • “Captive of My Desires” (2006)
  • “No Choice But Seduction” (2008)
  • “Fires of Winter” (1980)
  • “Hearts Aflame” (1987)
  • “Glorious Angel” (1982)
  • “Silver Angel” (1988)
  • “Paradise Wild” (1981)
  • “A Gentle Feuding” (1984)
  • “Tender is the Storm” (1985)
  • “Love Only Once” (1985)

    This list represents just a selection of Lindsey’s works, and readers can delve further into her bibliography to explore a wide array of engaging historical romances. Each novel showcases Lindsey’s signature blend of passion, adventure, and memorable characters that have solidified her reputation as a beloved author in the romance genre.

    Whether you are a longtime fan or a newcomer to Johanna Lindsey’s novels, following th.e publication order can offer a cohesive reading experience that allows you to appreciate the evolution of her storytelling style and narrative themes. Happy reading!


In conclusion, many readers are eager to understand the order of Johanna Lindsey books. By providing a comprehensive list and chronology of her works, fans can now navigate through her captivating stories with ease. Understanding the interconnected characters and timelines within Lindsey’s novels enhances the reading experience, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the romantic worlds she creates. So, next time you pick up a Johanna Lindsey book, remember to follow the chronological order for a truly enriching literary journey

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