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How many series does Christine Feehan have
by CJ McDaniel // May 14  

For anyone who is a stalwart fan of the romance and paranormal genres, the name Christine Feehan resonates quite powerfully. Known for her complex characters and intricately woven plots, her work leaves you yearning for more, sparking the curiosity: How many series does Christine Feehan have? This world-renowned author has an immense repertoire of work, and this article will guide you through each captivating series.

The question, “How many series does Christine Feehan have?” is not just an inquiry into numerical detail but a remarkable exploration of the breadth and depth of her storytelling talent. Whether you’re a longtime fan needing a refresher or a newcomer brimming with curiosity, this ride together will not only inform, but also intensify your appreciation for Christine Feehan’s extraordinary creativity and her vast and vivid universe of fictional series. So, buckle up, let’s delve into the world of Christine Feehan’s series – a realm where love conquers all, and the supernatural is as real as the person beside you.

What are the different series written by Christine Feehan?

Christine Feehan is a renowned author known for her captivating paranormal romance novels. She has written multiple series, each thrilling readers with their unique blend of romance, fantasy, and suspense. Here are some of the engaging series penned by Christine Feehan:

  • Dark Series: One of Feehan’s most popular series, the Dark Series follows the lives of the Carpathians, an ancient race struggling to survive and find their lifemates in a modern world filled with danger.
  • GhostWalker Series: This series delves into the world of the GhostWalkers, a group of elite military operatives with psychic abilities, as they navigate love, betrayal, and intrigue.
  • Shadow Series: In this series, Feehan explores the lives of shadow riders, individuals with the ability to travel through shadows and manipulate them for both protection and power.
  • Leopard Series: The Leopard Series features a group of shapeshifters known as the leopards, who must contend with their animal instincts while finding love and acceptance in a human world.
  • Torpedo Ink Series: In this gritty series, Feehan introduces the Torpedo Ink motorcycle club, a group of survivors with dark pasts who form a family bound by loyalty, love, and revenge.
  • Sea Haven Series: Set in the mystical town of Sea Haven, this series follows various characters, including the Drake sisters and the Sisters of the Heart, as they navigate relationships, danger, and magic.
  • Sisters of the Heart Series: This series intertwines with the Sea Haven Series, focusing on a group of women bound by sisterhood, love, and a shared mission to heal and protect those in need.

    Christine Feehan’s series offer a diverse range of characters, settings, and plotlines that keep readers enthralled from the first page to the last. Whether you’re a fan of vampires, psychics, or shape-shifters, Feehan’s books have something for every paranormal romance enthusiast.

How many series does Christine Feehan have?

As of now, Christine Feehan has written books in several popular series, each with its own set of characters and storylines. Some of her well-known series include the “Dark” series, the “GhostWalkers” series, the “Sea Haven” series, the “Shadow” series, and the “Leopard” series.

In the “Dark” series, Feehan introduces readers to a world where powerful, ancient Carpathian males find their destined lifemates amidst danger and passion. The “GhostWalkers” series follows a group of elite soldiers enhanced with psychic abilities who must navigate complex missions and intense relationships. In the “Sea Haven” series, readers are transported to a coastal town where magic and romance intertwine among the Drake sisters and the Sisters of the Heart.

The “Shadow” series delves into a world of shadow riders who have the ability to manipulate shadows and travel through them, while the “Leopard” series explores the lives of a secretive and sensual breed of shapeshifters.

Each of Christine Feehan’s series offers a unique reading experience, blending romance, suspense, and the supernatural in ways that have earned her a devoted fanbase. With multiple series to choose from, readers can immerse themselves in Feehan’s imaginative worlds and follow the interconnected stories of characters across different books.

Is there a suggested reading order for Christine Feehan’s series?

While most of Feehan’s series can be enjoyed independently, some readers prefer to follow a suggested reading order to fully appreciate the connections and references that appear across different books. Here is a recommended reading order for Christine Feehan’s series:

  • Dark Series: This series follows the Carpathians, an ancient race near extinction, and their quest for love and survival. Start with “Dark Prince” to delve into this captivating world.
  • GhostWalker Series: Dive into the world of psychic military operatives with enhanced abilities by beginning with “Shadow Game,” the first book in this action-packed series.
  • Leopard Series: Explore the lives of shapeshifters in a world where desire and danger collide. Kick off your Leopard Series journey with “Wild Rain.”
  • Drake Sisters Series: Follow the magical adventures of the seven Drake sisters, each gifted with unique powers. Begin with “Magic in the Wind” to unravel the mysteries surrounding these enchanting women.
  • Sisters of the Heart Series: Experience the bonds of sisterhood and love in this emotionally charged series. Start with “Water Bound” to embark on a journey of healing and romance.
  • Torpedo Ink Series: Enter the gritty world of the Torpedo Ink motorcycle club with “Judgment Road,” the first book in this dark and intense series.
  • Shadow Riders Series: Uncover the secrets of the Ferraro family’s supernatural abilities in this thrilling urban fantasy series. Begin your adventure with “Shadow Rider” to immerse yourself in a world of power and passion.
  • Sea Haven Series: Meet the mysterious and seductive men of the Drake and De La Cruz families in this series filled with romance and suspense. Start with “Water Bound” to discover the magic of Sea Haven.
  • Shadow Series: Delve into a world of shadowy conspiracies and dangerous desires with the first book in this series, “Shadow Warrior.”

    By following this suggested reading order, readers can enjoy an enriched experience as they navigate through Christine Feehan’s captivating series, each offering a unique blend of romance, suspense, and the supernatural.


In conclusion, Christine Feehan is a prolific author with an impressive body of work. She has written a staggering number of series, with more than 30 series to her name. Her books have captured the hearts of readers around the world with their captivating storytelling, strong characters, and unique blend of romance and the supernatural. Whether you’re a fan of vampires, shape-shifters, or psychic powers, there’s a Christine Feehan series for everyone. So, if you’re looking for a new series to dive into, be sure to check out the vast and diverse collection of books that romance author Christine Feehan has to offer.

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