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Sports Book Cover Templates

Below are two nice sports related book covers if you have access to Adobe Photoshop then these two book cover templates could really come in handy. These covers are sports related and could come in handy for a fiction or non-fiction cover either one.

Punch Book Cover Template

While this covers boxing them makes sense for it to be used for sports it could be used for any book that needs to promote an air of  strength.

Fall Night Football Book Cover Template

This is a simple yet visually appealing cover that could be used for multiple types of books from football and sports all the way to teamwork.

*Update: When we created this post over 2 years ago we only had just a few templates for a couple of genres, but we received such great feedback that we created an entire collection of covers for you to choose from! We typically charge $25 a piece for these covers but we are giving them away for free to anyone who signs up for our newsletter this is over eleven hundred dollars worth of cover templates. Each template is high resolution and professionally designed.


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