Keeper of the Lost Cities (KOTLC) Book Covers

KOTLC Book Covers
by CJ McDaniel // August 8  

Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities is a bestselling fantasy book series for kids ages 8 to 12 years. Of course, before embarking on the thrilling journey kept within the pages of this series, one cannot help but notice the mesmerizing book covers that adorn each installment. These eye-catching KOTLC book covers entice book lovers to look closer and learn more about the series.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Book Covers

KOTLC Book Covers Collection

Book covers have played an instrumental role in the immense popularity and success of Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities series.

These exquisite book covers, consisting of vivid colors, artistic details, and aesthetics, entice readers in bookshelves, libraries, and bookstores to get a copy of the series themselves. As for the cover illustrations, they feature supernatural or magical elements, all of which reflect the fantasy aspects of the book. Furthermore, the consistency with the design elements used – font and placement of text, for instance – creating a cohesive and unique visual identity for all the installments in the series.

Overall, the KOTLC book covers are valuable assets that contributed to marketing the series outside its target demographics, building its identity, and inspiring authors and creatives within the fantasy fiction genre.

Here’s our collection of KOTLC book covers from across the years as evidence:

1. Hardcover Edition

Jason Chan illustrated the cover artwork for the English and hardcover edition of all books in the KOTLC series, which explains the consistency with the artistic elements encompassing each installment.

Across all books, the title is at the upper left side, using the same distinctive font and in capitalized format, giving it a greater emphasis. The font has a slightly ornate style, with minor flares on the ends of some letters to give it more personality. The words “of the” are also inside the “O” of the word “lost,” which is playful and clever at the same time. Despite this consistency, each book title appears in a unique color that matches the dominant color scheme on the cover where it belongs. On the other hand, the author’s name is at the bottom of the page, except for its placement in the first book in the series.

As for the cover illustrations, the art style is very modern, which appeals to young audiences in this generation. They are also vivid and detailed; one would immediately recognize the series as part of the fantasy fiction genre.

2. Paperback Edition

The paperback edition of the KOTLC book covers used the same illustrations as those that Jason Chan initially created, with only minor changes to the colors and font used for the text.

This edition of the series used nearly the same color scheme as its hardcover counterpart; however, there were slight variations for each book; for example, while the hardcover edition of Book 1 focused on yellows and blues, this edition heavily utilizes bright red hues.

Typography has also changed. In this edition, the title now occupies the topmost section and features shiny silver letters “K” and “R,” complete with long flared “k”s and “Rs.” While the author’s name remains at the bottom of each page, its size is significantly reduced compared to its hardcover edition.

An Insight About Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities

Keeper of the Lost Cities, better known by fans as KOTLC, is an award-winning juvenile fantasy fiction book series written by Shannon Messenger that first came out for sale in 2012. Since its initial publication date, over 2.5 million copies have been sold across all installments combined!

This series follows Sophie Foster, a telepathic teenage girl searching for answers about herself and why she holds the key to a world she never knew existed. Readers watch as Sophie masters her newly acquired abilities while discovering mysteries surrounding her past. Across this fantasy adventure series are themes like identity, self-discovery, and acceptance, which resonate strongly with young readers of fantasy fiction who can identify with Sophie’s struggles – and even identify with Sophie herself!

KOTLC remains popular today due to its captivating characters, intricate world-building, and captivating themes – drawing in fans eagerly anticipating every book release.

FAQs About the Keeper of the Lost Cities Book Covers

Q: Which themes are common on the covers of KOTLC series books?
A: Consistent themes in the series covers are vibrant colors and magical details to evoke its fantasy nature, with Sophie prominently featured among mystical scenes or landscapes.

Q: Are the KOTLC book covers intentionally vibrant?
A: Yes! Their vibrant hues signify the magical and fantastical world within these pages; their bold visuals instantly draw readers’ eyes to them, giving a glimpse of the dynamic stories within these pages and offering them an intense journey.

Q: Why does Sophie Foster appear prominently on KOTLC book covers?
A: Sophie Foster is the series’ primary character, and the story revolves around her journey. Her placement in the center of the cover reflects this and emphasizes her central role in the narrative. It signifies that she is at the heart of each book’s conflict, adventures, and resolution.

Q. Are the other characters from the KOTLC series featured on book covers?
A: Yes. While Sophie Foster is the main focus of the book covers, other significant characters also appear to display events within each book. These appearances typically feature scenes between Sophie and other essential individuals, hinting at events inside the book.

Q: Do the book covers in this series represent vital scenes?
A: Absolutely! As is common among books of this genre, the cover art for KOTLC books corresponds with significant scenes or moments from each novel. For instance, the cover of ‘Keeper of the Lost Cities,’ Book 1 in the KOTLC series, depicts Sophie with another character, Dex, at the illegal light leaping crystal in Paris, France, a critical moment in the book.


Since its debut, Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities book series has achieved extraordinary popularity outside its target demographic. Book covers have played an instrumental role in engaging readers in the series while offering authors and creatives invaluable lessons when designing covers for their books. From eye-catching artwork to intricate details, KOTLC covers capture a fantastical world and foster curiosity among readers – providing valuable inspiration for authors and creatives to elevate their craft further to match KOTLC’s success!

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