How To Make A YouTube Channel

by CJ McDaniel // April 6  

It doesn’t take much to learn how to make a YouTube channel. The technical side of it is as simple as creating a Google account and picking a channel name.  In fact, there are “how to make a YouTube channel” videos are all over the internet.

But learning how to make a YouTube channel that makes you money through monetization takes a little more effort.  There are minimum requirements that you have to meet to monetize your channel.  Once you’ve met these requirements you can earn money by ads running on your channel.  1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time are the benchmarks your channel must hit to qualify.  Don’t worry, that’s not as impossible as it may seem when you just created a channel that has zero subscribers and zero views.

Here are four strategic tips to starting a successful YouTube channel from scratch.  Under each tip I’ve listed a step for you to begin crafting your channel.  With these tips and steps I’m positive you will hit subscriber milestones faster than I did on our channel.

Put in the Hard Work and Time

Be ready to invest your time and hard work into your channel.  You may think it’s easy to create a channel on your stamp collection and have it hit one million subscribers and earn you a substantial amount of money monthly.  It’s not easy.  It’s hard work, and it takes time.  How fast you grow is out of your hands but be prepared to work hard to get the results you want.

Outside of creating your channel’s cover art, avatar, and writing the description of your channel you still have a lot of work to do.  Spend the necessary time now on the structure and direction of your channel, and you can bypass the headaches of wondering why your channel isn’t getting the views or subscribers you think it should be getting.

Step One:

Grab some paper and block out some time to give your channel its identity.  Who is your channel for?  Define what your channel is about.  What can someone who decides to subscribe to your channel expect?  How many times a week will you post a video?  Work on your posting schedule and make sure your audience knows when to come back to see your latest video upload.

Know your Audience Before you Begin

YouTube offers helpful information to its Creators.  I attended the YouTube Creators Content Lab as a Creator when they provided these sessions regionally.  A significant portion of the Content Lab was knowing your audience.  The benefit of knowing your audience before you even begin is very valuable.

Don’t just think about your audience as a whole but start with a single member.  How old are they?  How do they use the internet?  What do they think about?  What do they do offline?  What are important moments to them?  What are some of the struggles they may be facing that you can help them overcome?  The better you know your viewers and audience the easier it will be for you to create new relevant content that is more engaging.

Step Two:

Answer some of the questions above about a single member of your audience.  It will give you some good insight into who you are talking to on the other side of the camera lens.

Be Active in the YouTube Community while Building a Community

Congratulations, you have a YouTube channel!  You are now a part of the YouTube community.  This is very important, be an active member of the community you just joined.  You have something in common with the channel which has one million subscribers.  You both have a channel, and you started with zero subscribers.  You will both hit the subscriber milestones of 100 and 1000.  Keep going, and you will know what it’s like to hit 10,000 and even 100,000 subscribers.  I know that feels impossible.  That’s how I felt when we started our YouTube channel four years ago.  Hitting 100 subscribers seemed unreal.  Imaging the feeling of watching our channel hit 100,000 subscribers just three years after posting our very first video.  We all share in these common milestones because we are a part of this community as creators.

The community was a big part of our success.  It made the hard work more rewarding.  We made friends all over the world.  We have YouTube friends in Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Dubai, Canada and all over the United States.

Watch other people’s videos.  Comment on them.  Collaborate with other channels.  Don’t spam other channels and never ask a channel to subscribe to your channel.  Be active on their channel, and you will be noticed as an active member of their community, and before you know it, they will join your channel’s community.  You will soon have friends who are creators and have fans of your channel from all over the world.  The community is what makes that happen.

Step Three:

Watch other channels similar to your topic.  This will also give you a presence in front of other people belonging to that channel’s community.  They see your avatar and read the comments you post and potentially click to look at your channel.  Eventually, your videos and channel will be associated with like channels, and you will be recommended alongside these channels.  This is how we developed our first 25-50 subscribers.  This way of networking is valuable and easy.

Produce Good Content in Every Video

Before your audience chooses to click on your most recent uploaded video, you had to entice them to give your video and channel a chance by watching a single video that they discovered on YouTube.  You get one shot to make an impression on the person watching your video.  They have all the power.  They can click the Subscribe button, or they can click off of your video and watch something else.  Make the decision easier for them by producing good content with every upload.

If your content is good and something they enjoy they will be happy to subscribe to see more of the same great content.  So don’t let them down by posting a weak effort video that isn’t your best work.  Good content and relevant videos get shares.  Poor videos seem to just disappear with very few views over their lifetime.

Step Four:

Produce good content for every video you upload.  I wrote a free PDF called How to Make Great YouTube Videos to Grow your YouTube Channel.  I explain seven video segments that should go into each video you create.  I also included a Video Checklist using those seven video segments you can use when planning your videos.

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