High-Tech Fantasy Book Covers

by CJ McDaniel // March 29  

New technology set in a different world or plain of existence is appealing to many readers. These two interesting ingredients alone offer endless possibilities for eye catching and beautiful cover designs with-in the High-Tech genre of fiction. Below are a few covers that exemplify this well.

Able One by Ben Bova

1. Able One by Ben Bova

The cover of Able One has a simple design based on fantastic typography, various shades of red, and the graphic image of a plain embedded within the title text. The design provides a feeling of mystery and adventure.

One of the best features of this book’s cover is:

Typography – The type style chosen for the title text and author’s name is bold and futuristic, and fits perfectly with the red, starry background. The typography is aviation themed, and provides the perfect finishing touch to the cover.

Newton’s Wake: A Space Opera by Ken MacLeod

2. Newton’s Wake: A Space Opera by Ken MacLeod

Newton’s Wake’s cover is very modern and futuristic, and provides the perfect visual for this contemporary sci-fi novel. A huge, galactic structure is shown, monitored by armed beings below. An air vessel is shown falling from the sky in the background, with smoke and fire on its tail. This cover does a great job of giving you the feeling of suspense and sci-fi adventure.

This cover design’s best feature is:

Layout – The overall futuristic, edgy, and bold design accompanied by an excellent color scheme places you right into the scene of the book. The cover design does a great job at providing a glimpse of the environment the story takes place in, and tone of the book.

Infoquake: Book One of the Jump 225 Trilogy by David Louis Edelman

3. Infoquake: Book One of the Jump 225 Trilogy by David Louis Edelman
Cover Design by Stephan Martiniere

This cover features a remarkable design, and does a great job of placing you right into the scene the story takes place in. With futuristic buildings and structures, flying and hovering vehicles, and shiny metallic details – this cover does a great job at providing a first-look into what the story’s is all about.

A wonderful feature about this book’s cover design is:

Realism – This cover design does a great job of providing a real-looking sci-fi scene to envision. The details of the futuristic buildings and structures, hovering vehicles, and the person standing in the center of the intricately designed device all are exceptional, and provide an accurate, sci-fi style visual representation of the book’s setting.

The Blind Pig by Elizabeth Dougherty

4.The Blind Pig by Elizabeth Dougherty

Both the cover design and title of this book do a great job eliciting mystery and suspense. Although the design isn’t directly telling of what the storyline is about, the lightness of the design elements invoke a feeling of mystery, and inspires questions that will be answered within the book’s story.

A great feature about this cover’s design is:

Layout – The overall cover design does a wonderful job of keeping up with the mystery theme of the book. The background is simply white, with a gray symbol and an apple emphasized in the center. The title is nicely placed in the bottom section, and features simple classy type in a bright shade of red that works perfectly with the total design.

About the Author

CJ grew up admiring books. His family owned a small bookstore throughout his early childhood, and he would spend weekends flipping through book after book, always sure to read the ones that looked the most interesting. Not much has changed since then, except now some of those interesting books he picks off the shelf were designed by his company!