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What is Yapp?

Yapp is a book-publishing platform that allows authors to create and sell professional-quality books in both digital and print form. Yapp provides everything an author needs to create a book, including templates, cover design, editing, and distribution. Yapp books can be sold through major online retailers, such as Amazon, and can be distributed to brick-and-mortar stores through Yapp’s print-on-demand service.

A Yapp is a type of book binding that uses a flexible cover made of cloth or leather. The yapp was popularized in the 15th century and was often used for binding books of hours, prayer books, and other small volumes. The yapp allowed the book to be opened completely flat, which was necessary for works that contained illustrations or other decorations that needed to be seen in full. The yapp also protected the book’s pages from damage when it was carried in a pocket or purse.

Why Use Yapp?

Yapp offers authors a simple, affordable way to create and sell professional-quality books. With Yapp, there are no upfront costs or complex production processes – everything an author needs to create a book is included in the platform. Yapp also makes it easy to reach readers, with distribution to major online retailers and print-on-demand capabilities.

How Does Yapp Work?

Yapp is a cloud-based platform, which means it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. To create a book, authors simply sign up for a Yapp account and choose a template. Once the template is selected, authors can begin adding content, such as text, images, and videos.

Yapp is an important tool for books and publishing because it allows authors and publishers to interact with readers in a more intimate and immediate way. It also allows readers to connect with other readers who share their interests, which can lead to more book sales.

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