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“Apocryphal” in publishing refers to texts or works outside the canon of any particular religion, literary tradition, or body of knowledge and are of uncertain authenticity, authorship, or origin.

Apocryphal books or texts often claim to provide additional or alternative perspectives or information beyond what has already been established by official religious authorities; such writings often remain outside their religion’s official canon (for instance, Christianity doesn’t recognize Apocrypha).

Publishing-wise, “apocryphal” refers to any work falsely attributing them to well-known authors or historical figures without sufficient proof, often due to insufficient concrete evidence or confusion. Such writings may have been created intentionally by their authors or have come from elsewhere and been confusedly assigned without knowledge thereof from reputable authorities.

As readers and researchers encounter apocryphal texts in books or publications, it is vitally important that they evaluate the sources, reliability, and historical context of these works carefully. Apocryphal works are sometimes studied as historical or literary curiosities that offer new perspectives or beliefs; nonetheless, they don’t form part of any established canon.

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