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The printing and publishing industry widely utilizes woodfree or uncoated paper. “Woodfree” refers to paper that does not use mechanical pulp derived from wood in its production process, producing higher quality, more durable paper for various uses.

Woodfree paper is created from chemical pulp made of cotton, linen, or recovered fibers sourced from other sources besides wood pulp – this makes it more environmentally friendly as it reduces demand for fresh timber while contributing to forest conservation efforts.

Woodfree paper’s composition makes for several significant characteristics. First and foremost, its greater opacity provides better legibility when printing both sides of a page; additionally, its high brightness contributes to sharpening contrast and published content.

The woodfree paper boasts excellent dimensional stability, offering resistance against shrinkage or expansion caused by changes in temperature and humidity, keeping its flat surface undamaged by curling or warping issues.

Woodfree paper is widely utilized for various printing and publishing applications, such as books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, flyers, and stationery. Thanks to its versatility and high-quality printing surface, it has quickly become one of the go-to choices for monochromatic and color printing needs.

Woodfree paper is uncoated and does not contain mechanical pulp derived from wood, making it environmentally friendly and high-quality paper suitable for printing and publishing industries.

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