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Under-run refers to any portion of a print job that fails due to misfeed, paper jamming, or another source. This issue can cause significant delays and waste materials, which makes its identification important for print shop owners.

There can be various causes for under-run. Misfeed is probably the most frequent culprit here – where the paper doesn’t feed correctly into your printer – and can result from many things, including paper jamming, incorrectly sized paper, or incorrect settings on your machine.

Paper jams are also an extremely common cause of under-run. A paper jam may result from numerous issues, including pieces of paper getting jammed in your printer, something foreign blocking its path, or issues with paper feed, among others.

If you are experiencing issues with under-run printing, there are a few steps you can take to try and resolve this. Check your printer settings and ensure the paper size and type are appropriate; if not, alter them and see if that helps.

Under-run refers to when a copy machine runs out of paper while producing copies – this could be for any number of reasons, from having no paper in its tray, jammed paper, and being unable to keep up with demand to running out due to being full and having exhausted supplies of its supply chain.

If an under-run does occur, don’t panic; simply reload the paper and continue working – in most instances, the copies should turn out just fine!

Under-run copies play an invaluable role in protecting a company’s products against being pirated or copied illegally by tracking how many copies are being made or sold illegally and taking steps against any potential illegal copies that appear for sale or made. Furthermore, such under-run copies protect intellectual property and can help pursue legal actions against those who try to copy their goods illegally.

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