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Unbound is a book crowdfunding platform designed specifically to enable authors to raise funds from their fans in order to finance book projects. Unbound allows authors to retain creative control while sharing more profits; plus, it connects authors with fans before any publication date arrives!

Unbound is a British crowdfunding publisher established by Dan Kieran, Justin Pollard, and John Mitchinson in 2011. Their business provides authors a platform to raise money from fans so that Unbound may publish their books.

Unbound is home to an impressive catalog of books covering fiction, non-fiction, and children’s titles, from Caitlin Moran’s How to Build a Girl to Nikesh Shukla’s The Good Immigrant edited volume The Diary of a Bookseller written by Shaun Bythell – to name but three popular examples!

Crowdfunding has quickly become one of the go-to tactics for authors looking to publish their books, as it bypasses traditional publishing routes. Crowdfunding is especially advantageous for authors having trouble breaking into traditional publishing channels.

Unbound is one of many crowdfunding publishers on the market today, but what sets it apart from its competition is its use of pledged crowdfunding donations as pre-orders – this means people who donate towards a book are effectively pre-ordering it and allows Unbound to measure interest before making its decision to publish or not publish the book in question.

Unbound is an innovative solution in the book industry because it gives authors greater control of their work and careers, allows them to connect with fans more closely, and builds audiences for their works. At a time when traditional publishing models are coming under strain, Unbound provides authors with new financing methods for publishing books.

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