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Top Edge Gilt refers to the process of adding gold foiling on the edges of book pages for both functional and aesthetic reasons; it helps protect from dust particles while making the book appear luxurious.

Top edge gilting is an easy process: first, pages must be trimmed so they are all similar sizes; next a gilt-edged bevel is applied along the top edges; finally gilding solution made of gold leaf and water is applied over it all before drying and polishing to complete it all.

Top edge gilt is an increasingly popular finishing touch for books intended for display on shelves or given away as gifts, adding visual impact while making the book seem more expensive than it really is.

Top edge gilt is more than merely decorative: its application also helps shield book pages from dirt and moisture accumulation while helping prevent them from yellowing over time.

Top edge gilting was once an intensive and costly process; thanks to modern gilding machines it has now become faster and less costly; consequently it is being utilized on everything from mass market paperbacks to premium collector’s editions.

Top Edge Gilting is an essential aspect of book publishing and bookselling, helping make books look more professional while making an impressionful first impression upon readers and buyers. TEG can add value and appeal to books making them more desirable purchases by potential readers or purchasers alike.

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