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Tissue overlay produces three-dimensional effects on flat surfaces, often used to add depth and dimension to an otherwise dull image. It’s commonly employed in art and design projects to add visual interest and depth.

Tissue overlays are made from acid- and lignin-free material to ensure their presence will not compromise the document. They come in various sizes and thicknesses for purchase; clear is the most popular.

Once in place, a tissue overlay should remain secure with tape or staples to avoid damaging documents and objects it covers. Whenever removal becomes necessary, care must be taken not to damage either document or object.

One of the more prevalent applications for tissue overlay is creating a faux-marble effect in home decor, often giving flat pieces of wood or laminate an impression that they are composed of marble. Accomplishing this effect requires the stained tissue paper to be layered on top of lighter sheets to create this marbleized look – light passing through all three layers creates the marbleized effect.

Tissue overlay is an essential technique for studying thin transparent papers. By placing a tissue over them, one can more clearly observe their surface features – beneficial for thinner papers that cannot be seen clearly with the naked eye alone. Furthermore, tissue can protect delicate papers from damage.

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