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Supercalendered paper is a coated paper that has been supercalendered for an ultra-smooth surface. Supercalendering involves squeezing the paper between the rollers so the texture thins. The paper has a supercalender feel – resulting in glossier finishes with smoother surfaces than the uncoated versions. This paper is used in magazines and catalogs that require sharp looks and a good appearance.

The supercalendered paper refers to a paper subjected to an additional calendering process to achieve a smooth finish, thus making it popularly used for printing. Further, the paper becomes more flexible and amenable after extra calendering. The produced paper also stands well against tears and creases better than other varieties.

It is also an appropriate surface for printing magazines, catalogs, packaging products, or other print media forms. It is a packaging material that gives the packaging a clean, professional look.

Supercalendered paper, which undergoes additional calendering, is the one that produces flatness and smooth surface. When flattened, this paper passes through rollers where it is pressed, making it flexible and easy to work with.

Supercalendered paper has a smooth and sleek surface that distinguishes it from its competitors. This quality makes it suitable for printing jobs with superior finishing options. Supercalendered paper is also flexible and, hence, easier to work with.

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