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A strap, or headline, is a summary of an article typically displayed prominently at the beginning of an essay or news piece. It catches readers’ eyes quickly while providing them with an essay overview in one quick read.

Straps typically include one to two sentences that detail a story’s characters or settings. Sometimes, this information contains dates or locations associated with events described by the strap.

The editor writes strap to give a quick overview of an article, giving readers an idea of its topic to decide whether or not they want to read further. It can keep newspaper headlines tidy and organized.

A strap is a one-line summary of a story found at the upper left-hand corner of newspaper front pages, intended to inform readers what the story is about as quickly and succinctly as possible to generate interest for reading further. A good strap should make readers want to read further!

Strap is an essential tool for headline writers as it captivates readers’ attention and gets them to read the article. By adding straps, they can make headlines more intriguing and captivating.

A newspaper’s strap, or headline, is often its most critical component. When picking up a copy, people see it first, and its impact can usually determine whether they read further. A strong headline will draw readers in, while an ineffective one may turn them away wholly – this necessitates having adept headline writers for newspapers.

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