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A strap, also known as a headline, is a summary of a newspaper article that is typically displayed in large print at the top of the article. The strap is meant to grab the reader’s attention and give them a brief overview of what the article is about.

Straps are usually one or two sentences long, and they often include the names of the people or places involved in the story. In some cases, the strap may also include the date or location of the event.

The strap is typically written by the newspaper’s editor, and it is meant to give the reader an idea of what the article is about so that they can decide whether or not to read it. Strap is a new way to keep your newspaper headlines tidy and organized.

A strap is a one-line summary of a story, usually found in the upper left-hand corner of the front page of a newspaper. The purpose of the strap is to tell readers what the story is about in as few words as possible. The strap should be written in a way that makes readers want to read the story.

Strap is an important tool for headline writers because it allows them to grab the attention of readers and get them to read the article. By using strap, headline writers can make their headlines more interesting and effective.

The strap, or headline, of a newspaper is often the most important part of the paper. It is the first thing that people see when they pick up a paper, and it can often be the deciding factor in whether or not they actually read the paper. A good headline will entice people to read the paper, while a bad headline will likely turn them away. Because of this, it is important for newspapers to have good headline writers.

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