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A stet is a mark used in proofreading and copy editing to indicate that a change or correction should not be made to a text.

In publishing, stet is a typesetting mark that cancels a previous proofreader’s correction or deletion and restores the original text. In modern usage, it is most often used in proofreading to indicate that a change should not be made to the text.

The word “stet” comes from the Latin word for “let it stand.” The first known use of stet in this context was in 1585.

In publishing, stet is used to cancel a previous correction or deletion and restore the original text. This is usually done in proofreading, when the author or editor decides that a change should not be made.

Stet can also be used as a verb, meaning “to cancel a previous correction or deletion.” For example, if you stet a change, you are telling the typesetter not to make the change.

There are a few other uses for stet, as well. It can be used to indicate that something should be ignored, as in “stet the error.” It can also be used to mean “leave as is” or “keep as is,” as in “stet the changes.”

Stet is a Latin word meaning “let it stand”. In proofreading and typesetting, stet is used to indicate that a change or correction should be ignored.

The purpose of a stet is to save time and effort by allowing the editor to bypass making a change that is not essential. It is also used when the editor is not sure whether a change should be made, or when the change is minor and not worth the effort of making it.

Stet is important because it allows the author to make corrections without having to start from scratch. It is also important because it allows the reader to see the correction and decide for themselves if they agree with it.

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