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Stat is a printing term used in flexography, offset printing, and gravure printing to refer to the number of times an imaging plate images onto a substrate during one printing cycle. The term differentiates the impression count from the total number of images printed on a substrate over the life of a printing plate.

“Stat” refers to the number of printing plates imaged during one printing cycle – also called the “plate count.” It differentiates this plate count from total usage over a printing job’s lifecycle.

Moreover, “stat” refers to the number of printing jobs completed within a period, more commonly known as their job count. This term distinguishes this number from its total accumulated over its life.

Stat refers to a printing term that measures how often a printing plate images onto a substrate during printing. A higher stat setting increases image density on the substrate and ultimately enhances print quality; an increased setting may also be necessary if printing onto thinner or absorbent substrates such as tissue paper.

The stat is integral for printing, ensuring jobs are completed correctly and efficiently. Tracking its progress can identify potential problems early and help correct them before finishing the job. Furthermore, stat can optimize print jobs by ensuring printers operate at peak performance in terms of speed and quality.

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