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In the book and publishing industry, S/S (same size) refers to a type of binding in which the pages and cover are all the same size. This is in contrast to other types of binding, such as perfect binding or case binding, in which the pages and cover may be different sizes.

The purpose of S/S binding is to create a clean, finished look for a book. It is often used for hardcover books, as well as for some paperback books. S/S binding can give a book a more formal appearance, and can also be used to make a book look more like a traditional “textbook.”

One advantage of S/S binding is that it can be less expensive than other types of binding. This is because the pages and cover do not need to be trimmed to different sizes, which can save on production costs.

The importance of books being the same size cannot be understated. In the publishing world, books that are different sizes can create all sorts of problems. For example, if a book is too small, it may not be able to fit all the text on the page and will require special formatting which can be time-consuming and expensive. If a book is too large, it may not be able to fit on a standard bookshelf, making it difficult for people to find and purchase. In either case, having a book that is a different size than the norm can make it difficult for publishers to market and distribute, which can ultimately lead to lower sales.

Overall, it is clear that books that are the same size are much easier to deal with from a publishing standpoint. They are less expensive to produce, easier to market, and can be easily found by consumers. For these reasons, it is essential that books maintain their standard size in order to ensure that the publishing process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

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