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“S/s (Same Size)” is an abbreviation used in book and publishing terminology to denote a grouping of pages or inserts within a publication that is the same size as its main body of pages or inserts, such as additional pages or advertising inserts.

S/s inserts, commonly referred to in book production, refer to pages or inserts produced separately from the main body of a book yet are intended to be bound in at precisely the same size during manufacturing. These may include marketing materials, promotional pages, or supplemental content – when created at equal measures, they seamlessly fit into its layout without disturbing its overall design or layout.

Publishers frequently utilize S/s inserts as an additional value add or promotional tactic for books they produce, such as maps, fold-out posters, and booklets with extra information about a subject matter. Such content enhances readers’ reading experiences while providing additional value.

At the production phase of book production, S/s inserts are typically printed separately and combined during binding to ensure proper alignment between sizes when bound as one publication.

S/s (Same size) is a core concept in book and publishing terminology, emphasizing consistency and incorporation of additional material within the main body of a publication.

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