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Soft back/cover bookbinding refers to a style of bookbinding wherein the cover material – typically paper or cardstock – is flexible and lightweight, as opposed to rigid hardback covers used by hardback books. The terms “softback” or “paperback” refer to light books that are easy to carry and therefore common in all genres and for various reasons.

This binding is done by folding a big sheet of paper or cardstock, placing it in its spine, then using adhesive, sewing, or stapling to fasten its pages. Lastly, its outer sheath can be affixed directly or flapped over and sealed within, allowing for ease of reference.

Novels, memoirs, and other nonfiction are usually released initially in softcover, or softback, as it is colloquially known. The price of soft back/cover books is far less than that of hardcover ones. These books may be sold in bookstores and other places where they can be bought. Therefore, this format is suitable for revised materials like textbooks and referral books, which can be reprinted without altering binding frameworks.

Soft backs/covers are less durable than hardbacks in terms of wear and tear. However, they can still be carried easily in one hand, which makes them more suitable for people used to such a tactile reading experience. Some soft backs/covers may be extended with extra features like flaps that provide author biographies, book summaries, and promotional content.

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