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Skids are platforms or pallets made of wood, plastic, or metal to stack, store, and transport goods. These are commonly designed with a flat rectangular surface meant to hold or stack goods and additional supports or bracing for the extra support or durability required. They also increase the efficiency of warehouse space maximization by allowing for vertical stacking that ensures maximum storage capacity.

Skids are standard in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and shipping yards and facilitate efficient handling, storage, and movement of goods. They ensure that the product is stable even during transportation and storage.

Furthermore, skids have an essential role in packaging as they help move goods more quickly through the supply chain, where they consolidate several cartons, boxes, or containers into a single, convenient unit for handling and transportation. They may also have raised edges or corner posts to prevent shifting or damage to package goods.

The papermaking industry relies on skids to store and transport vast paper rolls. Rollers act as a stable base upon which these heavy rolls can be safely held with minimal damages during storage and transport. Some come with cores or shafts that effectively wind and unwind paper rolls.

Skids are widely applied to print and transport books, magazines, and catalogs directly from production facilities to consumers or distribution centers. Using these platforms makes them efficient for product deliveries without incident as they are easy to load/unload.

In summary, skids are invaluable in the transportation, packaging, papermaking, and printing industries. They give a trustworthy basis for transporting products while ensuring they remain intact throughout the supply chain process.

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