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A knot, commonly called a side stitch, is generally utilized to bind the last end of a string or a rope. This knot-dressing is common in producing books and other arts that require a knot that will not easily untie.

The end of the thread or cord is passed through the loop at the end of the thread, tying the two ends together with a small knot securing it.

The side stitch is essential in bookbinding and other crafts requiring a firm and enduring knot. This type mainly secures the end of a thread or cord; thus, it suits strongly stressed projects.

A side stitch ensures that the pages are well-bonded with the spine. This method will help keep the pages tightened together in their bindings and prevent the spine from tearing up. Side stitches are more challenging to open than other types of binding and, therefore, suitable for books that will be used or read very often.

Side stitching is one of the fundamental aspects of the publication process, whereby the spine is leveled out. It ensures that each page is tightly bound. The purpose of this binding is to allow readers to view the pages without struggling to hold the book while reading. Side stitch also secures together the pages of a book, such that the pages do not separate even when the book is dropped or roughly handled.

One of the most common binding styles is the side stitch, which is durable and relatively straightforward. Another aspect is that the side stitch can be simple enough to work well with beginners in bookbinding.

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