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Show-through is the printing term for when ink appears visible on the back side of a sheet of paper during printing, typically caused by transference from the front side to the back during the process. However, it can become problematic when books contain many pages of text, making reading harder on both sides.

There are various strategies available for decreasing show-through in printed books. One is using heavier paper. Another way is duplex printing, or printing both sides simultaneously (this process can either be manually or automatically executed by your printer). When manually completed, your printer will print only on one side before flipping over and printing on both simultaneously.

Show-through can also be an issue when reading digital books on devices with backlit displays, such as an eReader or iPad, as the light from its display can make text on the back side visible, distracting readers and making reading difficult.

There are various strategies available to you when reading digital books to reduce show-through. Adjusting screen brightness or font size are two approaches; another way is reading in landscape mode with horizontal text instead of vertical to reduce the light that shines through pages and reduce show-through.

Show-through is essential in books because it allows the reader to see what lies beyond the page, aiding their comprehension of the plot and providing decorative touches like making an entire word appear floating across the page. Show-through can even be used as an effective storytelling device by making certain words appear and disappear from view in real time!

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