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Set solid is a typographical style or formatting choice in which type is set with leading, or line spacing, equal to the point size of the characters. This style means that no extra space is left between two lines, which makes the text very close to each other.

The main leading, usually counted in points, sets the vertical space between lines of text to make it easier to read and see. In the case of a set solid, the leading is equal to the point size, creating a line spacing ratio of 1:1. Like for instance, if the type size is 12 points, then the leading will also be 12 points.

This typographical style is often used when the aim is to be economically efficient or space-saving. This makes it possible to fit more text on a single page or column by removing extra spaces between lines. Solid set is often employed in newspapers, journals, or similar publications, where the objective is to accommodate the maximum amount of content within a limited space.

Nevertheless, one must ensure that the readability aspect is noticed as too dense and tightly packed text may become visually taxing for some. Thus, it is essential to balance space conservation and optimal legibility.

Therefore, “set solid” is a typographical setting where the type is set without extra space between successive lines with the leading equal to the point size. The choice is made to fit the content in a limited area, primarily used in newspapers, magazines, and other publications whose spaces are vital.

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