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In the book and publication industry, a type of leather called “roan” is used in binding books. People prefer roan leather for fine bookbinding due to its toughness, flexibility, and appealing looks.

Roan leather is made from sheep leather or goat hide and tanned or dyed to create a similar look on the leather. Dyes or pigments in a solution are used to dye the leather. The process involves immersion in a hue for color penetration to occur. This procedure gives uniform color, touch, and shine, making roan leather unique among other bookbinding leathers.

Roan leather is available in multiple colors, from traditional red, black, and brown to modern green and blue shades. Although the chosen color for the roan leather will affect the look of the book, this type of leather gives a touch of elegance to the book.

Apart from being aesthetic, roan leather has some features that qualify it for binding books. The cover can last long since it is sturdy enough to avoid getting tears after frequent handling. The roan leather is flexible, so books open smoothly and lay flat on a table while providing optimal comfort to readers.

In general, roan leather is used in the book and publication industry as it not only decorates the book’s cover but also increases its durability and usefulness of a high-class binding volume.

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