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In publishing, a reversion is the return of rights to the author or creator of a copyrighted work. This may happen when the work goes out of print, or when the publisher decides to stop publishing the work. In some cases, the author may have to buy back the rights to their own work in order to self-publish or find another publisher.

Reversion is the process of a book going out of print and the copyright reverting to the author. It can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most common is that the publisher simply doesn’t have any more copies to sell and has no plans to print more.

The author then has a few options. They can try to find another publisher, self-publish, or do whatever they want with the book. Sometimes, an author will sign a contract that includes a clause specifying that the copyright will revert to them if the book goes out of print.

Reversion can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the circumstances. For example, an author might be happy to get their book back so they can self-publish it and keep all the profits. On the other hand, an author might be disappointed if their book was doing well but then went out of print and they couldn’t find another publisher.

Reversion is an important aspect of the book publishing process, as it allows for copyright holders to regain control of their work if it is not being exploited by the publisher. This can be important for ensuring that books remain in print and available to readers, as well as for ensuring that authors are fairly compensated for their work. In some cases, reversion can also allow for books to be updated or revised, which can be important for keeping them relevant and accessible to readers.

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