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Rag books are a unique type of book made from various fabric scraps. These scraps can come from old clothing or leftover pieces from other sewing projects. During the Victorian era, rag books were popular gifts for children.

Rag books serve multiple purposes. They can be used as photo albums or scrapbooks, providing a creative way to store memories. For practical use, they can store important documents and papers. Additionally, quilters and crafters find value in using this type of book for their projects.

Although inexpensive to make, creating a rag book takes time and effort. The key is selecting sturdy fabric that won’t easily tear.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, rag books—also known as storybooks—were beloved children’s literature items. These blank-paged books allowed children to draw or paste pictures and clippings onto them, with newspapers or magazines as the source material for illustrations. The term “rag” refers to its composition made from discarded paper materials.

Gather several fabric scraps, including old garments, sheets, or towels, to make your rag book. Then, have a needle and thread ready along with stiff cardboard or another rigid material for the cover.

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