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A publicity tour serves as a promotional strategy for books and authors. It is a planned series of events whereby an author or other notable personality can promote their work, usually around the time of publication but before other happenings, such as a film release.

A publicity tour comprises media interviews, delivering signed copies of books, and various appearances with fans to generate interest in the material on offer.

Organizing these tours creates anticipation about an upcoming book or body of work so that it sells well following its official launch. There are many ways to do this; however, most authors spend significant chunks of time being interviewed by journalists while traveling through different cities. In any case, though – be it long or short – spreading the word about what they have made requires tremendous effort from those involved.

Publicity tours can be very demanding, mainly if they include visits to several cities or countries. At a moment’s notice, authors are often forced to be on their best behavior and willing to chat about their work whenever needed. However, for many writers, the chance to reach readers and promote their work makes it all worthwhile.

There are several different reasons why publicity tours are essential in publishing and bookselling. First, they help create interest in an author’s book – and the author themselves. A good publicity tour can also help build buzz around a title that could lead to increased sales.

In addition, a well-organized publicity tour can also raise an author’s profile; this might bring more opportunities for speaking engagements or other appearances (not just promoting books) further down the line.

Finally, such tours can also help build loyalty between an author and their audience – something likely to make them more engaged as readers.

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