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Pannelled books are those that have been divided into a series of panels, or sections, in order to make them easier to read. The purpose of this is to help the reader to follow the story, and to make it easier to find their place if they need to stop and take a break. This type of book is often used for educational purposes, as it can be easier to learn from a text that is divided up into manageable chunks. Pannelled books can also be helpful for readers who have trouble with their concentration, as the panels can help to break up the text and make it less daunting.

A pannelled book is a book that has had its spine divided into a number of panels, or sections, in order to give it a more robust and durable construction. This type of bookbinding was particularly popular in the medieval period, when books were often subject to wear and tear from being carried around or used frequently. Pannelling also helped to protect against insects and other vermin, which could damage both the book’s binding and its contents.

Pannelled books were often used for religious texts, such as Bibles and other sacred texts, as well as for works of literature, history, and philosophy. The pannelling of a book’s spine allowed for larger and more elaborate designs to be applied to the book’s cover, which could include intricate gold leaf work, painted illustrations, or even sculpted figures.

Pannelled is an important tool for books and publishing because it allows authors and publishers to connect with readers and create a community around their work. By using Pannelled, authors and publishers can build relationships with readers, engage with them in meaningful ways, and create a space for discussion and feedback. In an increasingly digital world, Pannelled provides a valuable way for books and publishing to reach and connect with readers.

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