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An octavo is a book or pamphlet made up of one or more sheets of paper folded in half, then in half again, to form eight leaves. The term octavo can also refer to the size of a book, typically about six by nine inches, or to a specific printing process.

Octavo (8vo) is a book size that is typically used for mass-market paperbacks and other inexpensive books. The term “octavo” refers to the size of the book, which is typically about 8 inches wide by 10 inches tall. This size is convenient for carrying around and for reading, and it is also relatively inexpensive to print. Octavo books are an important part of the book industry, as they provide an affordable option for readers who want to enjoy a good book without spending a lot of money.

Octavo (8vo) is a book size, most often used for hardcover books. Octavo books are usually between seven and ten inches tall, and usually have between four and six text columns per page. They are smaller than quarto books, but larger than duodecimo books. Octavo books were popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and are still used today for some books, such as Bibles and dictionaries.

The word octavo comes from the Latin octavus, meaning “eighth.” Octavo can also be abbreviated 8vo. When used as a book size, 8vo refers to a book that is eight leaves, or 16 pages, tall. This size is also sometimes called octavo crown, or simply crown octavo.

Octavo books are usually smaller and less expensive to produce than folio books, which are made up of larger sheets of paper that are folded just once, resulting in a book that is 16 leaves, or 32 pages, tall. Octavo books are also more portable than folio books, making them more convenient for carrying with you.

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