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A Net Book Agreement (NBA) is a contract between a publisher and a bookseller that sets the terms under which the bookseller will sell the publisher‘s books. The NBA typically gives the bookseller a discount off the retail price of the books, and in return, the bookseller agrees to sell the books at a fixed price and to not discount them below that price. Net Book Agreement also allows the publisher to set a minimum advertising price (MAP) for the books, below which the retailer cannot advertise the books.

The Net Book Agreement was first introduced in the UK in 1900, in response to concerns that discounting was undermining publisher profits. The agreement was originally voluntary, but became mandatory in 1916. In the UK, the Net Book Agreement was finally abolished in 1995, after a long and controversial battle. Many saw the agreement as an anachronism, while others argued that it was essential to maintain the viability of the book industry.

The Net Book Agreement never existed in the US, where discounts and price wars have been a feature of the book market since the early days of the republic. In recent years, however, there have been calls for the introduction of a US version of the agreement, in order to protect publisher profits and encourage investment in new titles.

The Net Book Agreement was a fixed price agreement between publishers and booksellers in the United Kingdom, which was in effect from 1900 until 1995.

The Net Book Agreement was successful in achieving its objectives. It resulted in publishers and booksellers working together to set prices for books. The agreement also resulted in increased sales of books, as booksellers were able to sell books at a price that was lower than the cost of production. The Net Book Agreement was an important agreement for the book industry, as it ensured that books were available to the public at a reasonable price.

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