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In the realm of books, Morocco refers to a type of binding characterized by its flexible spine and soft cover. It is often utilized for photo books, journals, and other works that are not intended to be read from cover to cover.

Morocco is also located in North Africa, with a population of approximately 33 million. Its official languages are Arabic and Berber, while the capital city is Rabat, and the currency used is the Moroccan dirham.

Throughout its history, Morocco has experienced occupation by various cultures. This has contributed to its rich literary tradition and production of notable writers.

The literature of Morocco can be broadly categorized into three divisions: Arabic literature, Berber literature, and French-language literature. Arabic literature encompasses works written originally in Arabic or translated into other languages. Similarly, Berber literature includes works penned in Berber or translated into it from different languages. Lastly, French-language literature comprises writings initially composed in French or translated.

Moroccan literary heritage reflects an abundance of diverse styles and genres encompassing oral traditions and written works. Prose, poetry, drama, and storytelling all hold prominence within Moroccan literature.

Within books themselves, Morocco often serves as an intriguing setting brimming with mystery. The country’s unique culture, population, and picturesque landscapes also create an ambiance suitable for tales filled with suspense or adventure. Characterized by hospitality and known for their warm welcome, it isn’t uncommon for Moroccan characters and settings to add exoticism-enhancing elements to stories in which they appear.

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