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Mg (machine-glazed) printing paper is an exceptional quality choice for books and printed materials, featuring a smooth surface ideal for text and image printing, with high opacity properties allowing both sides of this double-sided sheet to be published without showing through. Mg, therefore, is an excellent option when creating booklets and other double-sided publications.

Mg (machine-glazed) paper has been treated to create its gloss finish, making it suitable for printing books and documents that require professional, sleek looks. Unfortunately, writing on it may be challenging due to its slippery surface; document writing may also prove challenging.

Mg (machine-glazed) paper finishes are popular choices when producing books and printed materials, such as magazines, that will be read or handled frequently. Machine-glazed finishes are made by passing the paper through heated rollers that glaze its surface, producing a shiny surface less likely to show fingerprints or smudges; additionally, machine-glazed papers tend to tear or crease more frequently than other varieties.

Mg (machine-glazed) paper is often the go-to for book printing due to its smooth surface and higher gloss level than other papers. With more visible colors being reproduced by printing books with Mg, this task is even simpler; its durability guarantees longer book production runs!

Mg (machine-glazed) paper is frequently utilized in books and printed material due to its smooth surface, ability to resist tear-and-crease damage, and reduced yellowing over time.

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