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The Makeready stage is the process of preparing a printing press for a new printing job. This includes cleaning the press, loading the paper, and making any necessary adjustments to the press. Makeready is also the term for the waste paper that is used to test the press and make sure it is printing correctly.

A makeready stage is the final stage in the process of printing a book. The makeready stage includes the preparation of the book for printing, the setting up of the printing press, and the printing of the book. The makeready stage can be a lengthy process, and it is important to have a clear understanding of the steps involved before starting the process.

The first step in the makeready stage is the preparation of the book for printing. This includes the creation of the book’s text and illustrations, and the preparation of the book’s cover. The text and illustrations must be created in a format that can be used by the printing press, and the cover must be designed to protect the book during the printing process.

The next step in the makeready stage is the setting up of the printing press. This includes the installation of the printing press, the preparation of the printing plates, and the loading of the paper. The printing press must be installed in a clean, dry area, and the printing plates must be prepared according to the specifications of the printing press.

The Makeready stage is a critical part of the book printing process, as it ensures that the book is properly formatted and ready for printing. Without makeready, the book would likely be printed incorrectly, resulting in an unusable product. In addition, Makeready stage allows for last-minute changes to be made to the book, such as correcting errors or making layout changes. This stage is thus essential to the overall quality of the final book.

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