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Made-up copy refers to the texts that authors create themselves. These passages are typically used for advertising purposes or within works of fiction and can take any form, from short excerpts to longer sections such as sample chapters. The aim is always the same: to excite a potential reader enough about a book so that they will want to purchase it.

There are plenty of ways in which made-up copy may be employed. For example, you could find it on the back cover or dust jacket where there might be a brief snip bit of prose from inside intended to whet one’s appetite for more.

Alternatively, you may come across much lengthier extracts online at websites maintained by publishers or retailers who see this approach as offering prospective buyers just enough information so that they understand what kind of story they can expect.

Occasionally, however, made-up copy seems almost free-standing – something seen most often in ads (the print sort) but also noticed every once in a while within press releases meant primarily either as promotional tools or attempts at inciting controversy likely to trigger discussions later seen as very valuable leading up towards publication.

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