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Across generations, legends have been a means to preserve stories and beliefs. In books and printing, legends emerge as tales about the origins of specific literary works or printing methods. While these legends often contain elements grounded in reality, they are frequently embellished or exaggerated.

Diverse cultures boast their unique legends surrounding books and printing presses. These narratives serve different purposes—some aim to explain the genesis of a particular book or press, while others seek to promote them. However, regardless of their intent, these stories consistently contain mystery, enchantment, and fascination.

Undoubtedly, one of the most renowned book-related legends is that which surrounds the Gutenberg Bible. This legend recounts how Johannes Gutenberg revolutionized printing by inventing the movable type printing press during the 15th century. Allegedly inspired by witnessing a blacksmith forging metal type through repetitive hammering motions, Gutenberg created a groundbreaking media capable of mass-producing books. This innovation’s first masterpiece was the esteemed Gutenberg Bible—an invaluable treasure within today’s literary world.

Legend has it that books and printing hold immense significance due to their ability to facilitate communication and information sharing among people. Additionally, they play a crucial role in preserving knowledge and safeguarding cultural heritage.

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