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Imposition is the term used in printing for the process of arranging pages so that when the sheet of paper is folded the correct page order is achieved. The word imposition comes from the Latin word imponere meaning to place upon.

The imposition process is necessary when a document is to be printed on both sides of the paper and then bound. The simplest way to print a document would be to print one side of each sheet of paper and then feed the same sheet back into the printer to print the second side. This would result in the pages being in the wrong order when the document is bound.

The imposition process can be done by hand or by using imposition software. Imposition software is generally used when large print runs are required as it is much faster than doing it by hand.

There are a number of different ways to impose a document. The most common method is to print the document in 4 pages per sheet. This results in 4 pages being printed on each side of the paper. The pages are then trimmed and the sheets are collated into the correct order before being bound.

Imposition is the term used in printing to describe the process of arranging individual pages so that when the large sheet of paper is folded the pages will appear in the correct order.

The purpose of imposition is to make sure that the pages of a document are printed in the correct order. This is especially important for documents that will be bound, such as books. If the pages are not arranged correctly, the document will be difficult to read.

Imposition is a vital part of the book and printing process. It ensures that pages are printed in the correct order and that the finished product is of the highest quality.

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