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Developed by Apple Inc., iBooks Author is a software application that caters to authors and publishers seeking to produce interactive books for the Apple iBooks platform. Users can access these digital publications via Apple devices, such as iPads and Mac computers.

Widely used in the publishing field, especially in textbooks, cookbooks, travel guides, children’s books, or any genre that lends itself well to multimedia-enhanced content, it allows users to include all kinds of interactive features: audio and video files, 3D objects or galleries – among other things – are easily incorporated into projects.

With iBooks Author, authors now have complete control of their content’s design, layout, and formatting – including the ability to customize fonts, styles, and colors. It offers templates and a drag-and-drop interface for quickly creating visually appealing, interactive books without extensive technical expertise.

Once an author has made a book using iBooks Author, they can publish it on Apple’s online bookstore iBookstore using iTunes Producer, designed to help anyone get their media into the store. Publishing through iBooks Author allows authors to retain more control of their work, set prices, and receive a higher revenue share than traditional publishing methods.

Since its launch in 2012, some education publishers have used iBooks Author as a cost-effective way of creating immersive digital reading experiences. Textbook authors can use the tool to include quizzes or interactive learning materials such as videos or personalized study tools. Independent authors or small publishers struggling with printing or distributing physical books may also find publishing ebooks via iBooks, which makes the platform an easier route to market.

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