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Glassine is a smooth, glossy, semi-transparent paper that is made from bleached chemical wood pulp. It is usually available in weights ranging from 18 to 30 g/m2. Glassine paper is moisture resistant, grease resistant, and has a high resistance to tearing. It is commonly used for archival storage of documents and as a barrier paper in packaging.

Glassine paper is often used as a release liner in pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes. The smooth surface of the paper provides a good release for the adhesive, and the paper’s moisture resistance prevents the adhesive from seeping through. Glassine paper is also commonly used as a interleaving paper between sheets of stamps, coins, or other collectibles to prevent sticking.

Glassine paper can be printed on using a variety of printing methods, including offset printing, flexography, and gravure. The smooth surface of the paper provides good printability and a high level of detail can be achieved. Glassine paper is also commonly used as a support sheet in laminating processes.

Glassine is a smooth, glossy paper that is usually used for packaging. It is made from bleached chemical pulp and has a neutral pH. It is typically translucent, but can also be found in opaque varieties. Glassine is known for its moisture-resistant and grease-resistant properties.

Glassine is commonly used in food packaging, as it helps to keep food fresh. It is also often used in archival storage, as it is acid-free and does not yellow over time. Glassine can also be used for printing, as it provides a smooth surface for ink to adhere to.

Glassine is a clear, transparent, and naturally grease-resistant paper that is often used in archival applications. Its smooth surface is ideal for printing and its resistance to wrinkles makes it ideal for use in bookbinding. Glassine is also popular for use in packaging and as a interleaving material.

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