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A ghost bar is a white line that appears on a printout as a result of the print head striking the paper outside the perforated margins.

When printing on a dot matrix printer, the print head moves back and forth across the page. At the end of each line, the head moves slightly to the left so that it can print the next line without smudging the just-printed line. This slight movement is called head-tilt, and it is the cause of ghost bars.

The head-tilt causes the print head to strike the paper outside the perforated margins. This leaves a white line on the printout. The head-tilt also causes the print head to move slightly to the left on each line. This results in the text on each line being slightly offset from the text on the line above it.

Ghost bars can be avoided by using a different type of printer, such as an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers do not have a head-tilt mechanism, so they do not suffer from this problem.

When an object is placed on a page, it is often necessary to line it up with other objects on the page. For example, if you are creating a flyer, you may want to line up the text and images on the flyer. To do this, you can create a ghost bar.

A ghost bar is simply a bar that is the same color as the background of the page. This bar is placed on the page in the same spot as the object that you want to line up. Then, when you print the page, the bar will not be visible.

Ghost bars are an important part of the printing process. They help to ensure that the print quality is consistent and that the colors are accurately reproduced. Ghost bars also help to protect the print head from damage.

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