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A frontlight is a display technology used in electronic reading devices like e-readers. It is a backlight placed in front of the screen, usually within a frame. Its purpose is to shine through the screen and illuminate the text and images displayed. This functionality dramatically enhances readability under low-light circumstances.

Frontlights can be categorized as either fixed or adjustable. Adjustable frontlights allow users to modify brightness levels according to their preferences or lighting conditions. For instance, reducing the brightness would be handy when reading outdoors on a sunny day. Conversely, increasing the brightness can improve visibility in a dimly lit room.

Numerous e-readers have built-in frontlights, including the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Other devices featuring this technology include the Barnes & Noble Nook Glowlight Plus and Kobo Clara HD.

Nonetheless, if your e-reader lacks a built-in frontlight feature, various external options exist for adding this capability. One option involves purchasing a separate frontlight that attaches to your device’s backside. Alternatively, you may acquire a case integrated with its frontlight.

It’s important to note that while commonly associated with e-readers, front lights can also enhance other devices like smartphones and tablets. Multiple methods are available for adding this feature to such devices, from obtaining cases equipped with built-in front lights to procuring separate attachments designed for this purpose.

Frontlights undoubtedly prove invaluable when reading during low-light situations or engaging in extended reading sessions. Adjusting the brightness can help alleviate eye strain and foster more comfortable reading experiences.

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