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Foil stamping is an exciting printing technique that utilizes heat and pressure to apply foils onto paper using various metallic, holographic, and matte foils – great for adding embellishment to invitations, cards, or printed material.

Foil stamping has long been used on wedding invitations to create an extravagant aesthetic, adding luxuriousness with metallic foils or vintage/art deco styles of foiling. Holographic foils may add an eye-catching iridescence, while matte foils add a subtle sheen for added depth to the invitation design.

Furthermore, foil stamping is an efficient and straightforward method. A piece of foil is placed over the paper and heated using a die. As soon as pressure and heat hit, it adheres to paper.

Foil stamping can add an elegant, modern flair to invitations, cards, and printed materials. There are many options to find just the perfect foil look for any project!

Often composed of aluminum, foils are widely used in printing for their metallic look and shiny surface finish. Once placed over paper and the design printed over it, foil creates an eye-catching metallic appearance in printed pieces.

Foil printing is an innovative technique that adds a luxurious and eye-catching finish to print projects. Foil printing involves using a metal die to apply thin foil layers onto paper surfaces using heat. Various effects, including metallic, glossy, and even holographic finishes, may be created through this printing method. Foil printing adds an eye-catching element that sets your printed materials apart from competitors.

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