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“First Thus” refers to books that have previously been published but are being rereleased with at least one new element – for example, a new introduction, afterword, or translations. Sometimes, “first thus” could refer to the first appearance in a specific format. For instance, hardcover editions of previously only available paperback books might count as a publication being “first thus.”

“First thus” is often applied to antiquarian and collectible books. When booksellers or collectors come across previously published books, they may inquire whether it qualifies as “first thus.” If it has, this can increase its value considerably as it is a more collectible item.

Publishing has long been known for repackaging older works to appeal to new audiences; with “first thus” editions offering publishers another opportunity for these older titles that might otherwise fall off the radar, publishers are giving these works another shot at finding readers – sometimes it may even mark a comeback into print!

“First thus” is an essential designation in publishing for several reasons. It is used to denote new editions of existing works; this information is crucial for readers who want to ensure they’re reading the most up-to-date edition. Second, First Thus often includes new or revised material not present in its predecessor edition, such as introductions or text updates not found therein. Third, First Thus can also serve as collector’s items on its own merit.

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