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A “first thus” refers to a book that has been published before, but is being published again with at least one new element. This new element could be a new introduction, afterword, or even a new translation. In some cases, a “first thus” might be the first appearance of a work in a given format. For example, a hardcover edition of a book that was previously only available in paperback might be considered a “first thus.”

The term is most commonly used in the world of antiquarian and collectible books. When a bookseller or collector comes across a book that has been published before, they will often check to see if it has been published as a “first thus.” If so, this can add to the value of the book, as it is now considered a more collectible item.

In the world of publishing, a “first thus” can be a way to repackage and sell an older book that might otherwise be overlooked. By adding new elements, or by presenting the book in a new format, a publisher can give it a second chance at finding an audience. In some cases, a “first thus” might even be the first step in bringing an older work back into print.

First Thus is an important designation for books and publishing for several reasons. First, it indicates that a book is a new edition of an existing work. This is important for readers who want to be sure they are getting the most uptodate version of a book. Second, First Thus often includes new or revised material not found in the original edition. This can be anything from a new introduction to updated information in the text itself. Finally, First Thus can also be a collector‘s item in its own right. 

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