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Electronic publishing refers to the digital publication of books, magazines and newspapers for viewing on computers or other electronic devices.

Electronic publishing offers many advantages over traditional print publishing, such as lower costs and faster production/distribution times, more accessible updates/revisions and global accessibility.

Electronic publishing encompasses several formats of publication – ranging from e-books and journals to newspapers and e-magazines. E-books serve as digital versions of traditional printed books; while e-journals and newspapers act as online versions of print publications. Finally, e-magazines serve as digital versions of traditional print magazines.

Electronic publishing is an emerging industry with annual e-book sales estimated at $8.69 billion globally in 2016, which is projected to double by 2020.

Electronic Publishing (EP) refers to making works available via digital formats that can be read on computers and other electronic devices; books, magazines and other professions have increasingly taken advantage of Electronic Publishing as part of this medium.

Electronic publishing holds several distinct advantages over its analog counterpart, from global accessibility and cost savings to efficient editing and revision processes.

Electronic publishing may present some drawbacks, including quality issues caused by ineffective editing and proofreading; many readers still prefer print copies over digital ones for reading purposes.

Electronic publishing is an emerging trend with numerous advantages. It provides an efficient and cost-effective means of reaching a wider audience while easily being updated when new material becomes available.

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