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ELBS stands for English Language Book Society and was created in 1946 to make quality English-language books more readily accessible at more reasonable prices during an era when international book distribution was restricted and costly.

ELBS made an invaluable contribution to book publishing by providing its members English-language books at discounted rates – acting like a book club! They sent monthly catalogs from domestic and foreign publishers offering educational or literary merit titles at reduced costs; acting like membership discounts!

ELBS published works across an expansive spectrum of genres and subjects, from fiction and non-fiction novels to biographies, history texts, children’s books and classic works republished under their imprint with permission secured from original publishers to do so for greater accessibility and affordability.

ELBS revolutionized the book industry by making English-language books readily available without expensive import fees or selection restrictions, at discounted prices that made reading accessible across demographics like students, teachers and fans. Their discounted books provided invaluable support for literacy and education by increasing literature accessibility across demographics such as students, teachers and fans alike.

ELBS played an essential part in expanding English-language publishing globally through its global distribution network, providing books to readers in countries where English was not their native tongue and increasing readership and popularizing literature while expanding global reader numbers.

English Language Book Services saw their demand decline as global book distribution networks and online retail platforms expanded, ultimately forcing them to disband due to financial difficulty by the early 90s. But their legacy lives on with more easily and affordably providing English-language books across borders than before.

Once an influential force in book publishing, ELBS (English Language Book Society) served to offer worldwide access to English-language books at more affordable prices while encouraging collaboration in book publishing. Today its growing popularity serves to demonstrate literature’s increasing accessibility while emphasizing teamwork within publishing.

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