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Dustwrappers are pieces of paper used to protect books from dust. Often made out of thicker paper than standard paper and printed with designs or patterns, dust wrappers are also known as jackets or covers.

Dustwrappers are used to protect books from dust, dirt, and other airborne particles, as well as moisture and environmental factors. Dustwrappers also shield books against insects or pests that might otherwise damage them.

Dustwrappers should usually be removed before reading a book; however, some readers prefer leaving their dust wrappers attached while reading. This practice often helps prevent it from becoming dirty or damaged during reading sessions.

Dust wrappers come in many forms; paper dust wrappers are the most commonly seen, but cloth and plastic dust wrappers may be required for more expensive or collectible books.

Dustwrappers of books typically include information about their title, author, and publisher and an outline of their contents.

Dustwrappers for books are typically produced by their publisher; however, some authors or illustrators also produce them.

Dustwrappers can be purchased separately from books or are sometimes even included when new books arrive.

Dustwrappers can be recycled or reused; some even frame them and display them as art.

A dust wrapper (or dust jacket) is a paper cover typically found on hardcover books that protects it from dirt, wear, and tear while providing an opportunity to show the book’s title and author. Dust jackets are integral in keeping hardcover books looking new while remaining dustproof.

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