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Dust jackets (also referred to as dust wrappers or covers) are paper covers used on books to protect them from dust and other forms of damage. First introduced during the late 19th century, their use remains prevalent today.

Dust jackets typically consist of either paper or cloth backing with printed front panels. Often, the back features a brief synopsis of the book while its front displays include the title, author name, publisher information, and illustrations that may appear within.

Dust jackets serve dual roles for books: protecting them from dirt and damage while acting as promotional pieces by providing information about them on the back cover and making the book more aesthetically pleasing with illustrations on its front.

Dust jackets are typically composed of acid-free paper coated with a transparent protective film to ward against wear and tear and reduce tear upon opening a book.

Dust jackets are integral parts of book publishing and serve both to protect and market publications.

Dust jackets (DJs) are essential in book publishing and sales. Being the first thing a potential buyer sees when looking at a book, its DJ is essential in its sale; its design can either attract readers or repel them. A quality DJ should become an invaluable asset within this industry’s arsenal, helping authors and publishers achieve greater success!

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